American Daydreams

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Nag, nag, nag! All Damon’s wife Lennox Luxe does is nag the shit out of him, and he’s damn tired of it. His solution to that is simple, dream about her being nice, having big natural tits, and allowing him a threesome with her friend Vendi Carson! Yup, Damon fantasizes he gets to suck on two pairs of big tits, then gets a double blowjob from his wife and her friend. After that he’d get to fuck Lennox while Vendi watches and masturbates, and then the two would switch! Damon fucks them good and hard with his big dick, making them scream and scream… until he wakes up to his wife screaming and nagging him about getting out of bed!

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It Started Off As An Innocent Crush

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One of Lennox Luxe‘s dad’s friends has come to stay for a few days. They met years ago when he was studying in France, and Lennox has always been attracted to him. It started off as an innocent crush but has turned into something so much more. When her dad leaves for the office for a few hours, Lennox gets the chance to take this exactly where she wants it to go. She finally has Joss alone and may never have this opportunity again. It’s time to make it count.

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Dirty Bride

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It’s Lennox Luxe‘s wedding day, and she’s alone in a room, unsure if she really wants to do this. Her fianc? tries calling her, but she won’t pick up, so he sends his best man Chad in there to see what’s up. He catches her masturbating! She starts panicking and telling Chad she can’t get married, and he tries to calm her down. To his shock, she comes onto him strong, and since you can’t say no to a bride on her wedding day, he fucks her brains out while her fianc? waits downstairs!

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Licking Luxe

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Lennox Luxe was undressing her voluptuous body. She massaged her tits, pulled her nipples, and laid down on the white couch to masturbate. She was not surprised at all when Bruce walked in and immediately sticked his fingers into her wet pussy. He took off his clothes and pushed his big dick into her mouth. Obviously her big naturals were most inviting for a tittyfuck, so the lovebirds went for them twice. They fucked in missionary, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle and all different variations. They pounded that white couch so heavily that it is a miracle it did not break down.

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The Whole Package

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Lennox Luxe has the hots for her boss, Sean Lawless, but he never notices her advances or acts on them. Lennox is starting to think that she’ll never get laid, especially at her office, which is her most desired sexual fantasy. When a mysterious package arrives for Ms. Luxe, she opens the box and suddenly transforms into a horny slut that can’t wait to fuck the entire office!

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Lucky Lennox

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Lennox Luxe is definitely our most requested busty redhead. She revealed more of her dirty little secrets and wild sexual adventures. Soon after, she invited Xander to grab a handful of her big natural melons. He squeezed, slapped and sucked them before smacking his meet in between. Xander titty-fucked her tits and then pounded her tight strawberry pussy all over the place.

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Titty Treasure

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We had amazing redheaded beauty Lennox Luxe come by to show us her amazing jugs. Her massive big naturals were so juicy that Tony could not keep his hands off them. He grabbed some baby oil and started oiling them and squeezing them. The tight dress she was wearing barely held those big tits in, so it had to come off. You have to see all the amazing tit bouncing action going on. Theres some awesome titty fucking and her getting nailed every which way til he nutts all over her giant knockers!

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